Every rose has its thorns, and when you are blessed with curly hair, naturally there are also curly hair problems to deal with. 

Here is a lesson in hair: genes determine hair shape. You are likely to get curly hair if at least one of your parents has it. If you have grown up with having a full head of waves, you probably know that it is prone to certain problems. We know what it’s like to have curly hair problems, especially in Southeast Asia, humidity and all.

Without further ado, here are 5 common curly hair problems, and tips and products you can use to solve them.

Frizzy hair

The most noticeable and common curly hair problem is frizzy hair. When your hair becomes frizzy, you have hair strands that do not align with the surrounding hair strands. Basically, frizz is hair that has a mind of its own. 

We are all for standing out and forging our own path, but perhaps not for our hair. Frizz happens when your hair is dehydrated and dry, and your thirsty hair absorbs moisture from the environment. 

Alternatively, frizz also happens when applying too much friction to your hair. Think over-styling, blow-drying, flat-ironing – these can damage hair cuticles. 

To avoid frizzy hair problems, try washing your hair every few days instead of every day. You can also use anti-frizz haircare products, such as BRIOGEO’S Farewell Frizz Conditioning Spray to combat this problem.  

Knots and tangles

When your hair is wild and free, it can get into knots and get tangled easily. There is a life lesson somewhere in there, but today we shall focus on hair lessons. Pay attention to the brush you pick to comb your hair with.

Make sure to get hairbrushes that are of good quality with natural bristles, rather than any random plastic comb. Your hair deserves the best. Use a wide-tooth comb to break up any knots you may find in your hair. 

Tip: brush your hair while you have conditioner in it while you’re in the shower, so that the conditioner truly coats all the strands of your hair.

This will help unknot your hair, and hopefully stop it from knotting/ tangling while you go about your day.



In addition to knotting, another curly hair problem is that it’s prone to dryness, which also means it can break easily. To elongate (literally) the lifespan of all the hair that came out of your head, treat your hair delicately.

Do not tie your hair up roughly or brush it haphazardly. Try using silk scrunchies instead of rubber bands. Finally, do not subject it to too much blow-drying or styling (heat is a real killer here), and you can prevent breakage here and there. This is even more important if you want long curly hair that looks nice.

Try products that you can use to strengthen your hair as well, such as Ouai’s strengthening treatment oil.


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Split ends

Similar to 3, split ends can happen when you do too much to your hair. If you start noticing you’re your hair has split apart into two, the best thing to do is to trim your hair so that the split does not have further-reaching consequences. 

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Make it a habit to trim your hair at least once every six months, if not more. Sometimes we just have to discard the worst parts of ourselves to grow healthier and better.

Dull hair

Finally, there is dull hair, which is a huge curly hair problem. Admittedly, it can also happen to anyone. Your hair can lose its shine and the gloss disappears. Similar to frizzy hair, dull hair has a rough texture because your hair does not receive or retain enough moisture. 

To bring the light back to your hair, making sure that your hair receives enough moisture is important. You can try a texture spray which will hydrate your hair throughout the day, such as Briogeo’s banana and coconut soft wave texture spray, which is included in their Tropical Hair-adise Nourishing Hydration Hair Care kit.


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Once you’re done with the basics of looking after your hair, make sure to go out and rock them healthy, gorgeous curls.