Are you a member of the itty bitty titty committee? Welcome, welcome, we have cookies and chocolate here. So, you have small boobs. So do a lot of women out there. Take, for example, Mulan actress, Liu Yi Fei.

Let’s just say it would have been hard for Mulan to go to war for her father if she was rocking size D boobs. It’s pretty cool to share something in common with the woman who saved all of China.

Here are 8 things that women with small boobs can relate to:

  1. Wishing we had bigger boobs

Image: Unsplash/ Daini Graveris

We all want what we can’t have. Girls with small boobs likely wished they had bigger boobs at some point in their lives. Some of us do go on to get plastic surgery to get bigger boobs, while others of us have mostly made peace with the size of our chest.

It’s understandable, though, that we still feel that we want bigger boobs from time to time. As long as we do not let that thought consume us, it’s perfectly fine and normal to have these thoughts.

  1. Choosing not to wear a bra and getting away with it

Bras are a boob’s jail, and let’s face it, they’re not the most comfortable to wear. 

Luckily for those of us who are small-boobed, it’s easier to just not wear the bra, in comparison to those of us who need the support to stop their boobs from swinging wildly. 

  1. Experiencing the bra gap

Image: Unsplash/ Joel Valve

A bra gap happens when you wear a bra and there is space between the cup and your actual boob. Sometimes it’s because you are wearing the wrong-sized bra.

For those of us with small boobs, though, it can just simply mean that we just don’t have enough “filling”.

  1. Seeing your boobs completely disappear as soon as you lie down

Image: Unsplash/ Murilo Bahia

Girls with small boobs will know the magical disappearing acts of our boobs. It happens when we lie down on the bed, look down at our bodies, and find out that our boobs have done a disappearing act. They were barely there, and then they were even less there.

To regain boobs again, simply sleep on your side and your boobs will appear with the help of gravity.

  1. Always hoisting a strapless bra upwards when you wear them

Image: Unsplash/ Max Anderson

Strapless bras are the price we pay for wanting to wear cute off-shoulder tops. When you are a girl with small boobs, however, the price to pay is even higher.

Strapless bras on women with smaller chests have the tendency to slide down even further, as the “obstacles” the strapless bra faces are less. Still, we try our best.

  1. Your bra riding up over your boobs

As if strapless bras falling to make it look like you have four boobs is not enough, there is also the opposite happening when you wear a bra with straps.

Women who are less endowed could be going around, minding their own business, raising their hands to stretch, and then it happens – their bras riding up past their boobs to reveal some underboob or even nipple.

Thanks for nothing, bra.

  1. Trying many things as padding

Women with smaller chests without the money to buy expensive bras (side note: why are bras always so expensive?) will do their best to make their boobs look bigger and cleavage look deeper.

Here are some of the things that I’ve seen teen girls use to stuff their bras: the classic tissue, cotton pads, handkerchiefs, and even wearing double bras.

  1. Not being able to buy matching bikini sets because the top is always larger than the bottom

Image: Unsplash/ Julian Paolo Dayag


Finally, a common problem for all women with small boobs is the problem of the matching bikini set. 

There are a lot of cute bikinis on sale online, and this can tempt many women into buying them for their next summer or beach holiday.

Sadly, sometimes it is just not meant to be for women with less-endowed chests, as the even the smallest size of the bikini top can still be too large for those of us on the itty bitty titty committee. Sure, we can resort to padding, but swimwear and sports bra padding is not the best for mobility either.

Whatever boob size we have, however, it’s important to love them. Sure, big boobs look nice and all, but you know what? So do small boobs. Boobs are boobs, after all, and magical no matter what size they are.