These finance podcasts are right on the money with financial advice. 

There’s no better time than the new year to begin making changes with your financial habits. The idea of a fresh new start is always motivational to help spur you towards achieving your New Year’s resolutions, whether it’s attempting to save more money, learning how to invest, or even something as simple as learning how to manage your money better. 

We have curated these finance podcasts to help you out with those goals that will give you invaluable advice on money-related issues. Some of these podcasts are also female-forward, so you know they have your best interests at heart at being smart with your money, woman-to-woman. No more men talking down to you when discussing investment issues!


How comfortable are you about talking about money? It’s time to break that fear!

1. The Clever Girls Know Podcast

A podcast created by Clever Girl Finance, this series aims to empower women with knowledge on how to clear their debts, save money, and build personal wealth. Hosted by its founder and CEO Bola Sokunbi, within the podcasts series, you’ll discover topics that you can relate to. It includes insights to purchases by instalments, tips on spending less during the holiday season, and also stories of how real-life women were able to overcome their debt, and how. 

2. So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Farnoosh Torabi is the editor at large of CNET Money and a TV host, author, and all-around personal finance expert. Her podcast series, So Money, goes into a deep dive into money-related topics, including how much is “too much” money to have in the bank, racism, and money, financial strategies for creatives, and exclusive interviews with big stars like Queen Latifah. 




3. This Is Uncomfortable

As Asians, money can often be an uncomfortable topic of discussion. However, it’s a conversation that needs to be had, and Reema Khrais, host of finance podcast series This is Uncomfortable will discuss that with you. From how money can affect relationships to the life of a scammer, these real-life stories are thought-provoking and will change your perspective of how you normally view money in life. 

4. HerMoney With Jean Chatzky

Financial advice for women by women is always a welcome subject. In this podcast series, Jean Chatzky speaks about topics on saving for higher education, investing in long-term and short-term goals, and also speaks deeper to the heart about meaningful topics like finding success without losing yourself, racial trauma in the workplace, and more. 



5. Bad With Money

Not all finance podcasts need to be serious or heartfelt — at times, it can be give a hilarious perspective, like what Gaby Dunn does on Bad With Money. In one podcast, she goes down the Reddit hole discussing John Wick’s finances in the movies. In another, she talks about Taylor Swift and the power of negotiating your salary. You’ll learn helpful financial tips without actually needing to listen to the boring parts.  

6. Afford Anything

You can afford anything, but you don’t need to afford everything, says Paula Pant, host of this series. She helps you get there by helping you evaluate even the smallest financial decisions, shaping your spending habits, and offering advice on how to tackle the bigger expenditures in her podcast series.




7. Frugal Friends

Is your goal to adopt a minimalistic approach when spending money? Are you desperately attempting to be less spendthrift to no avail? Then you’ll need to listen to Frugal Friends. Hosts Jen Smith and Jill Sirianni talk about tips and little habits that you can adopt to be frugal with your expenditures. That inclues how to save money on coffee, embarking on a No Spend journey for a whole month, and more. 

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