If you are not feeling blessed in the chest area and are a member of the itty bitty titty committee, you are in good company as many of us are also in this club. The good news is that with small boobs, there are many fashion styles you can try out and look good in, regardless of the size of your chest. These are the 7 items that girls with small boobs can rock and look great in. 

  1. Backless dresses

It is always good to accentuate other parts of your body if you don’t want to draw attention to your boobs. Going backless is one of the easier ways to do so.

With 2021 being the year of hot vax summer and people letting loose after a year of being cooped up at home, displaying your back is also a huge fashion trend this year. Covering your bust area while showing off your collarbones, shoulders, and back is a gorgeous trend to try out and show confidence in your body.

  1. Spaghetti strap tops

You don’t have to worry about being one of the girls bouncing out of this as our bustier sisters have to, since smaller chests tend to stay in place. 

A spaghetti strap top can show off your sexy collarbones and feels comfortable to wear. You can also try out different looks and even go braless with one of these, and you can throw on a jacket to complete the look.

  1. Crop tops

Crop tops hit different when you have a smaller chest size, especially since you run less chances of seeming accidentally “obscene” or “lewd” if  the top happens to ride up. No accidental underboob to worry about here. 

These tops are cute, easy to mix and match, and help keep you cool in the summer – what’s not to love about them?

  1. Deep V-neck tops

Deep V-neck tops are not just for women with bigger boobs. A deep V-neck top works to help give the illusion of cleavage for us small-chested ladies.

Additionally, if you are really daring, a plunging V-neck top or dress actually works even better for us. We don’t have to worry about accidentally flashing a boob at someone should things move a little sideways. Going braless with a plunging V-neck can help show off the middle of your upper torso, which is a super sexy look without coming off as crass.

  1. Bustiers

If you want to give your bust a little lift, a bustier is the way to go. Timelessly sexy, this body-hugging garment that is traditionally worn as lingerie has now been upgraded to be able to be worn outside of the house.

A bustier eliminates the need for a bra, serving as both bra and outerwear at the same time. For a cool dinner party look – preferably with friends on a party night out, you can pair a bustier with a button-up jacket or coat and high-waist pants to serve up a gorgeous fashion. Leave at home if you’re with your family members unless you want to invite judgment from people who just don’t understand this look.

  1. Bralettes

Bralettes are great for small boobs and can be worn under jackets or oversized shirts.
Image: Unsplash/ Bin Thi U

A bralette differs from a bustier in that it doesn’t have an underwire. It is a soft crop top that looks similar to a bra, clinging on to the chest area. A bralette usually works better for small-chested ladies, as women with larger boobs will need better support than what a bralette can give. Bonus points for it being comfy.

Needless to say, bralettes are really cute and can also be worn similar to how bustiers are worn outdoors – layered or in peekaboo style underneath a transparent top. 

  1. Tube tops

Finally, another piece that works well for girls with small boobs is the tube top. Usually without straps, a tube top covers the chest area like a wrap, which offers little support. Also a popular piece now that the 90s are back in style.

It’s great to wear a tube top in summer. You’ll enjoy the sun’s rays without being reduced to a puddle of sweat. Pair with a simple pair of jeans, and you will be ready to go to the beach, have drinks with the girls, or dine in an al-fresco café watching the world go by.