Where are the plant moms and aspiring plant moms at? Fixing up your sacred sanctuary with some beautiful, lush-greenery seems to be the latest millennial trend. This leafy-love affair will leave you with an aesthetically-pleasing home but anyone who isn’t a plant whisperer knows how hard it is to keep your plant babies alive.

If you are a new plant mom looking for some guidance, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some fool-proof tips to get you started on this plant mum journey.

Plant Mom Tips And Tricks

1. Plants Love A Shower But Hate Getting Drowned In A Bath

Have you ever been surprised by the inevitable wilting of your baby plants, despite all the watering and care? Chances are, you’ve answered a big YES to that question.

This tends to happen due to overwatering. Don’t feel bad though, it’s a very common mistake that new plant moms make.

Pro tip: Only water your plants when the soil is dry to the touch. Underwatering is better than overwatering!

2. Just Like Us, Plants Need Vitamins Too

Dabbling in the area of fertilisers may seem complex in your early plant mom journey. But the easy way around lies in your kitchen: use eggshells to boost your plant’s calcium and potassium levels.

Pro tip: If you’re absolutely clueless, stick to organic fertilisers like eggshells, bone meal and banana peels. You can also create your very own compost by mixing potting soil with organic scraps like vegetable peel, coffee grounds, leftover cooked rice and more, then adding in shredded newspaper into a bin.

Over-nourishing the soil with commercial fertilisers (read: store-bought fertilisers) will only harm your plant.

3. Your Plant Loves To Hear Your Voice

Plants are just like little humans. They require all the love and nourishment they can get to grow into their full potential.

According to a study done by the Royal Horticultural Society, talking to your plants helps them grow faster. They also discovered that plants grow faster to the sound of a delicate voice of a female than to the sound of a male’s voice.

I understand it may feel strange talking oh-so lovingly to your plants in the beginning, but who knows, a new friendship might just blossom!

Pro tip: While having a TLC moment with your plant, go ahead and polish its leaves with a damp cloth. This will help its leaves look super shiny and fresh.

4. Follow Other Plant Moms On Social Media


It’s definitely one of the best ways for you to be inspired and learn something new about plants every single day. They provide super simple and easy to follow tips on growing some common household plants too. So if you ever need to troubleshoot, look no further!

Here are some plant moms you should check out:

Being A Plant Mom Is A Serious Job

Don’t do it just for the hype. Plants are living things, you can’t just want to be a plant mom today and neglect it the very next day.

Always remember, it’s not just water and sunlight, it’s a full-time commitment. But hey, with a little effort from your side, these plants may just give you a whole new outlook to life!