Let’s face it, we’re not living in a ‘90s rom-com chick flick where “fateful encounters” are guaranteed. The world of millennial and Gen Z dating have changed so much.

If we’re talking about modern-day romance, we HAVE to talk about dating apps. Forget about those dreamy, old school romance movie scenes. Dating apps have definitely changed the way millennials and Gen Zs find love.

Online dating is now more common than ever, but honestly, getting a good match is hard. Engaging in stimulating conversation with said match is even tougher. To help us shed some light on how millennials and Gen Z men use dating apps, we asked a few veterans to dish on their experiences in this wild, wild world of online dating.

“I know my bio’s boring, but I’m trying to get proper dates, not a booty call” – Kayden, 19 years old

Everyone seems to suppress their laughter whenever they hear that I’m on Tinder with the hopes of finding myself someone I can commit to. But honestly, I just really want to fall in love with somebody, and if Tinder is how I meet that person, then great! 

Sure, it’s a constant battle finding someone who “clicks”, but I’ve found a way that maximises my time on Tinder—having a “boring” bio. Literally, I have a list of my interests and hobbies as my bio: badminton, running, reading, public speaking, and psychology.

But before you say that I have no game, hear me out. My straightforward and dull bio is certainly not a reflection of my personality because I swear, I’m a lot more fun than my profile makes it seem (or at least I think I am). And I just want to be sure that we’re both on the same page from the get go.

I’m all ears, so tell me your life story!


With that in mind, my number one deal-breaker is women who don’t put any effort into their bios. There are no other information about them other than their location and age. If you’re here for a fun time and not a long time, then you’ll probably get what you want with a winking face emoji as your bio. But as someone who’s looking for romance, I’d be much more inclined to swipe right on girls who put in extra effort when writing their bios. Heck, tell me your life story even!

“Everyone on the app is horny, and I’m ALL for it” – Neshjay, 23 years old

Before people come at me with pitchforks, allow me to make a disclaimer: 90% of the people on Tinder are horny and looking to have their desires met. The 10% is reserved for those who claim to have “innocent” and “pure” intentions, such as meeting new friends or finding their one true love. You do you, boys and girls, but I’m gonna do me.

I’m a proud f*ckboi. If you ask me for my body count, I’ll gladly tell you without even a moment’s hesitation. Tinder is my arena and I consider myself as one of the top players. And by that I mean I’m paying for a Tinder Gold account, a worthy investment if you ask me. 

It’s a truth that may be hard to swallow, but most of the men on Tinder are unapologetically thirsty (read: topless, thirst-trap photos) and women are aware of this. It’s just a matter of how they choose to entertain or deal with us.

Because of my… ahem, nature, I tend to exclusively go for girls who post sexy pictures of themselves in bikinis or skin-tight dresses because of our “matching interests”. I’m definitely not one to lead a lady on only to let her down if she’s not cool with doing the deed, but to the guys that do this: bro, don’t be a creep lah!

At least give me credit for being honest…


Also, PSA: the sexiest thing a woman can do is embrace their sexuality and be completely straightforward about what they want. If you want to skip dinner and movies on our first date and head straight to the “finale”, say so! I’ll be more than happy to accommodate.

“I joined for intellectual and stimulating conversations, but ended up in a relationship instead” – Jay, 24 years old

Yes, I did actually join Tinder to meet new friends. And yes, I can pretty much guess the look on your face right now. I admit that it’s… unconventional to turn to an online dating app to search for lifelong friendships, but I never saw Tinder as a tool for online dating in the first place. It’s marketed as such, but to me, it’s just a massive virtual meeting space where people can connect with each other.

Some users are looking to have one-night stands and some are searching for their life partners. Some are just on the app because we were bored one day. Before you think that my plan backfired, I’ll say this: I’m still friends with two guys I met on Tinder! (I set my preferred gender to both men and women, because why not!)

But lo and behold, I randomly matched with this girl and we started talking everyday. I did my signature move with her to break the ice, which was playing “2 truths and 1 lie”. That got us talking about our views on life, career, family, future… Basically, we did the whole “36 questions to fall in love” thing without even realising it.


Tinder may have gotten me a girlfriend (one year and counting now 🎉), but this still doesn’t change my mind about the app. Signing up for an account doesn’t guarantee you an S.O., but you’ll definitely meet people from all walks of life. 

No tips or hacks from me, because online dating really is like gambling. It all depends on how much time you spend playing and your luck. But I’ll be the first to admit that I was lucky enough to hit the jackpot.

Different Millennials and Gen Z Use Dating Apps For Various Reasons

We’d like to thank the guys for sharing their candid thoughts on millennial and Gen Z dating for men! Before we wrap this up, we want to add that these views are NOT representative of all men on dating apps.

Maybe when we stumble upon a “boring” bio the next time we’re swiping, think twice before categorising the person as someone dull. And yes, men who are genuinely looking for friends on apps exist too!

Despite these online dating apps constantly getting egged on, these men prove that while you can send a booty call on Tinder, you can also stumble upon your Prince Charming and even make a couple of new friends from it!