The years before the Coronavirus struck us were wild times. Who knew that within a year, things we once thought were normal would be absolutely frowned upon during (and quite possibly after) the pandemic? There are things we were doing pre-pandemic that we can’t imagine doing now.

For one, we’re definitely more cognisant of our health and hygiene practices now. Sanitising our hands is basically second nature, and we think twice about going anywhere crowded, lest we get into that “germ spray zone”. 

Other notable pre-pandemic things also extend beyond hygiene practices. Before 2020, working from home would have never been considered a viable idea. We probably didn’t even think to treasure our travelling experiences, especially now that we’ve gone more than a year without travelling out of the country. 

If you’re on the same page as me, here are more pre-pandemic things we will never be able to relate to anymore, thanks to Covid-19. 

1. Pre-pandemic handshakes and hugs

Handshakes were standard practices when meeting a new acquaintance, and hugging a friend upon meeting was normal. Now, we shun the gesture because they’re easy ways to spread germs. If the thought of shaking someone else’s sweaty hands gives you the chills, you can hop on my bandwagon — with appropriate social distancing. 

2. Blowing out birthday candles


What were we thinking? How was it an acceptable thing to spray saliva all over a cake that everyone else would be eating? Who even invented blowing out birthday candles in the first place? We’d like to have a word, please.


3. Wearing lipstick

As I’m writing this, I see my precious collection of lipsticks and lip glosses collecting dust in a corner of my vanity. I used to be a lipstick girl — now I see no point in wearing it, since the mask is going to cover the bottom half of my face anyway. 


4. Putting on a bra

I’ll have to admit, not needing to wear a bra was probably one of the best parts of working from home. I’ve never felt so free and unconstricted — needing to put on one when I leave the house felt even more restrictive than wearing a face mask. 



5. Sharing microphones at the karaoke

Before the pandemic, I was already iffy about sharing a microphone that had everyone else’s spit on it (including many, many other patrons before me). Post-pandemic me will be keeping a far distance from the karaoke lounges, unless it’s a BYOM (bring your own microphone) situation. 


6. Pre-pandemic casual dating



Did we actually go around meeting strangers pre-pandemic and have casual trysts? Dating is going to be a whole new experience now, because we’d be extra careful with the transmission of Covid-19. 


7. Pre-pandemic sharing drinks and food

Remember the good old days when you could ask for a bite of someone’s food or a sip of their drink before deciding to get your own? I used to be one of those people who were fine with it, until I caught someone else’s cold. Never again, and post-pandemic, I never will. 



8. Coughing or sneezing into your palm

Look, I know it’s an unhygienic habit. It’s also ridiculous to think that the palm you coughed into is the same one that you reach out to for a handshake minutes later. It’s even more disgusting now and I’ve since switched to coughing and sneezing into the crook of my elbow instead. 


9. Pre-pandemic buffets

Did we really used to eat food displayed in the open with hundreds of others and called it a treat? Let’s not lie to ourselves, even though there were communal cutleries for it, we’re pretty sure that some inconsiderate patrons have used their own cutleries to spoon buffet dishes onto their plates. That’s a big nope from me. 


10. Commuting to work

Unless you live close to your office, commuting to work is a big waste of time. Strict offices that insist you start work at 9 a.m. are also the worst, because that would mean you needed to spend even more time in peak hour traffic. We’re glad those days are mostly gone as working from home has become the norm. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy rolling out of bed and going straight onto the laptop? 



11. Going anywhere that has a crowd pre-pandemic



Is it just me who has mild anxiety when thinking of going anywhere with a crowd? I now think twice about heading into a shopping mall unless I absolutely need to purchase something, or just avoid heading anywhere during its peak hours. Grocery shopping now requires planning ahead instead of just dropping by whenever I feel like it. If you need to learn to say no to social obligations during a pandemic, read this.

Life after the Coronavirus won’t be the same, and that’s a given. Our lives have been drastically changed and there’s no telling if we’d ever be comfortable going back to our old practices. Do you have your own set of pre-pandemic things that you won’t be able to relate to anymore, post-Corona? Let us know at @seriouswomenasia on Instagram or our Facebook page here.