A Pilates instructor, content creator and mama of four (you’d never guess if you look at her), @siulim has been busy creating fun TikToks and working out, more so ever since the pandemic hit last year. This year is no different as some parts of the world drift in and out of lockdowns, but at least we can watch Siu’s snappy videos about fashion, fitness, relationships and that mom life to be entertained. Now that’s motivation during lockdown. 

We spoke to Siu to find out how she got started filming videos, how to keep motivated at home and her take on dealing with toxic relationships. 

How do you find the confidence to film your videos on social media? 

When I first started, I felt very shy and timid. At one point in life, I didn’t even like taking pictures! But I had a purpose when it came to being on social media. That purpose was to tell my story and let people know that things will be ok no matter what bugs are on the windshield. That helped me find confidence to tell myself, I have to do it. I have to show my kids and the world that I am a single mom and it’s okay.


Is TikTok something you have wanted to do? Did you find motivation during lockdown to start?

TikTok was something I NEVER thought of doing. The story is that when MCO 1 (the Movement Control Order in Malaysia) happened, my kids ended up being stuck in a different country and I was unable to see them. Yes, we had FaceTime and WhatsApp video calls, but sometimes it wasn’t the same and I wanted something more. I wanted to lighten the situation and I did that by making silly videos. I posted it up for them and for their eyes only but the videos started making my close friends really laugh. It felt good to make people laugh. Then I got addicted not to TikTok, but to making people feel happy.


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With the pandemic and lockdowns happening (in Malaysia), we’re finding it hard to find motivation during lockdown and to even workout. How do you stay motivated and consistent with your routine during a lockdown? 

I already have a routine in mind the night before: wake up to pray, workout at 7.30am, teach classes, have brunch, and work, before winding down with a book or a show. I must admit that it got to me, three weeks into MCO 3, but what would get to me more is not sticking to the routine. I’d take a break from the routine on weekends and I do feel sluggish on those days.

For someone who has difficulties finding time to workout, make sure you know when you will be doing the workout and what workout you will be doing the day before. Plan ahead and stick with the schedule to keep you from cancelling on yourself.

What workouts do you do at home?

I workout everyday, but wait! Before you think that’s super crazy, just know that they’re not hardcore workouts – I’m just consistent. It can be anywhere from strength and conditioning, kettlebell classes, HIIT, pilates and yoga (of course), CrossFit, indoor cycling, boxing, and outdoor running. Every day is different, five times a week.


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Workout playlist for motivation during lockdown?

This varies depending on my mood but I seem to move towards anything R&B to what’s currently popular, or on TikTok. 

Got any motivational quotes you’d like to share?

“Where there’s no struggle, there’s no strength.” I feel like my life is full of struggles and drama and sometimes the problems I face are abnormal. But I know God is behind me and I am struggling to be a stronger person. “Oh Siu, you’re one of the strongest people I know!” is what people usually say to me. My reply? “I know”, (laugh emoji) instead of, “No lahhhhh.” I don’t even deny my strength because I feel so much struggle and pain all the time and there’s no other choice but to stay strong. 

What’s an easy dinner recipe you like to make?

Lamb kebabs – mix ground beef and ground Lamb with chopped garlic and turmeric. Serve with tzatziki (a yogurt/cucumber dip) or dhal or both! You can either have it with rice or in a wrap. 😀 


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We see that you give advice on social media through your videos. How do you deal with a toxic relationship?

I stay away from them, period. Of course it’s easier said than done but it’s just that simple. There’s an Albert Einstein quote, “Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.” Sometimes the relationship isn’t worth your sanity and peace of mind.


How do you find time to relax? And what do you like to do to chill?

How do I find the time, period? But I do schedule even “free time” into my schedule because I feel it’s very important to give yourself a break. But please, know that I am working on this :). Free time is very precious to me and I only spend it with the group of people I love. If I feel like being by myself, I love to learn new things from a book, TikTok, Google or YouTube. It can be anywhere from a life lesson to a new skill or life stories.