They say that when we step into our 20s, we’ll be met with endless opportunities and exciting adventures that’ll form the pathway to our future successes. They say that when we’re in our 20s, we’re young and in our prime years when all the fun is supposed to happen.

You know, the sort of fun that we’ll reminisce about with a profound smile many years and decades later.

Even the Quarter-Life Crisis is somewhat romanticised – changing careers, ending relationships, getting married, migrating overseas – these are all life-changing moments many 20-somethings typically go through, coming out “stronger, better and wiser”! 



Every person going through a quarter-life crisis


… Until 2020 happened.

The reality is that the global pandemic has thrown a spanner in many of these plans, and have made difficult decisions almost impossible! As if we needed more stuff to worry about… 

If you’re at a crossroad and don’t know where to start, here are some tips you can consider to help yourself out:

You NEED to take self-care seriously

Self-care is one of those things that’s easier said than done. While we dream of waking up to breakfast in bed (avocado toast FTW!) and wish that everyday could be a spa day, those often remain as fantasies. As reality has it, not many of us spend time on ourselves.

To make matters worse, the boundaries between work and our personal lives have become almost non-existent now that many of us are working from home. Who else has taken a lunch (or 50) sitting on the same table, continuing to work through the day? 🙋🏻‍♀️


What being expected to work as normal while living through a pandemic feels like

Here’s a message to everyone out there who’s hustling through the day without giving their bodies a break: You DESERVE to take some time off! 

Self-care doesn’t mean splurging on expensive spa packages or going on an impulsive vacation abroad (not that we can anyway, thanks to Miss Rona). 

It can be as simple and *free* as dedicating a few minutes of your day to meditate or allow yourself to think about… absolutely nothing. God knows we keep the engine in our brain working almost 24/7, so even a few minutes of peace and quiet can seem like a luxury.

If you’ve formed the habit of skipping meals, set reminders on your phones to take a lunch break. During the weekends, make it a point to drag yourself to the grocery store and your future self will thank you for the food that didn’t come out of a takeaway container.



Put that laptop away and your phone on silent for just a couple of minutes.


Consider A Side Hustle

I know, I know, it sounds like a terrible idea. When you’re feeling depressed and on the brink of burnout as you go through a quarter-life crisis during a pandemic, the last thing you’d want is an extra commitment. But hear me out. 

Working on a side hustle that you’re actually passionate about can be a huge game-changer because it gives you a space to express yourself. When you reach the point of being so sick of where you currently are in life, giving yourself an opportunity to start something new can give you that breath of fresh air you so desperately need. Just look at the sheer number of quarantine businesses that have sprung up. 

We’re not saying they’re all there because they hit a quarter-life crisis, but surely something was triggered that made them feel compelled to just DO something. And who knows, it may be exactly what you need to. If you needed a sign, consider this as ~divine intervention~!



Beginning a new journey can be a lil scary, but it’s super exciting!

Take A Break From Social Media

This seems like an extreme measure to take because no one really wants to go on a social media cleanse. Especially when it distracts you from your quarter-life crisis woes during a global pandemic.

But before you wave away this idea, think about how many times a friend’s post on social media left you feeling like you’re doing nothing with your life. Or maybe it’s those “motivational quotes” that are floating around Facebook that, on the contrary, make you feel more hopeless than anything else. 


I have the urge to roll my eyes whenever one of these come up on my feed


Not everyone can feel inspired by reading quotes from people who are already mega-billionaires nor is everyone able to be happy for their friend’s accomplishments without wondering, “What about me? When will my time come?” 

If you notice these triggers affecting your mood and general wellbeing, it’s time to extricate yourself from the problem. Going cold turkey by deleting all social media apps on your phone is harsh, but there’s no running away from these triggers as long as you’re on there. 



Who needs social media anyway?! Pfft…

Quarter-Life Crisis + Pandemic = Worst Nightmare

Navigating the perilous world of adulthood on minimum wage and questioning the purpose of life as a 20-something adult was a big enough nightmare pre-pandemic. Now, it has been over a year (and counting) since COVID-19 has been terrorising the world and everyone’s still asking the same question: “WHEN WILL IT END?!”

Pandemic or not, we still need to place ourselves first. It may not be the best time for millennials and Gen Zs, but we owe it to ourselves to come out of this stronger. Before we make that happen though, we gotta hop on the self-care bandwagon and find productive (and possibly, profitable) ways to channel our angst.