What New Year’s resolutions will you make in 2022? 

The past two years have been a weird fog of lockdowns and restrictions, but it has also given us a new perspective on life as we know it. With 2022 poised to head in a new direction (we hope) past the pandemic, here are some new year’s resolutions you should try making instead of your usual ones. 

Why is it time to change up your new year’s resolutions? Life as we know it hasn’t been the same since the pandemic. Things that used to feel important (like getting the latest trending bag or showing off your peach at the beach) suddenly took a back seat and felt, well, less important after all. It’s time to shift your new year’s resolutions with this perspective in mind and gear it towards achievable, healthier versions of your formerly generic resolutions.  

Ready to have a great 2022? Let’s try these brand new, new year’s resolutions. 

New Year’s Resolution #1: Instead of: “I want to lose weight in 2022.”

Try: “I want to eat healthier in 2022.” 

Image: Unsplash/ Febrian Zakaria

The unhealthiest resolution you can make is “losing weight”. Not only is it vague, but it also doesn’t put you in a good headspace to achieve it. Instead, try making it your resolve to have healthier eating habits. If you’re used to having sugar and processed food which leads to weight gain, you may want to swap those for vegetables, whole foods, and sugar substitutes. 

New Year’s Resolution #2: Instead of: “I want to save $100,000 in 2022.”

Try: “I want to save 20-25% of my monthly salary.” 

Image: Unsplash/ Visual Stories Micheile

If there’s anything the pandemic taught us, it’s that we should always have rainy-day savings in case we get laid off from our jobs. However, resolving to save $100,000 within a year is a considerable feat — unless you’re already drawing a hefty monthly salary. Instead, you should attempt a more achievable amount, and 20-25% of your pay is an excellent place to start. Remember to keep that percentage of money aside in a separate bank account and watch it grow. Downloading a budgeting app will also help you on this New Year’s resolution immensely. 

New Year’s Resolution #3: Instead of: “I want to buy fewer clothes in 2022.”

Try: “I want to shop more consciously in 2022.” 

Image: Unsplash/ Becca Mchaffie

Slow fashion gained momentum during the pandemic. Suddenly, everyone on TikTok was thrifting and upcycling clothes. The same movement shunned fast fashion and its environmental (as well as humanitarian) impact. If you resolved to buy fewer clothes in 2022 as someone who’s used to purchasing fast fashion every other month, you might want to change your perspective towards shopping more consciously instead. 

Rather than follow fleeting trends, shop only for the basics. Purchase items only to replace worn-out ones rather than adding to your wardrobe’s collection. This way, you’ll also be killing two birds with one stone: spending necessarily and shopping consciously. 

New Year’s Resolution #4: Instead of: “I want to be more adventurous in 2022.” 

Try: “I will attempt one new thing every month in 2022.” 

Image: Unsplash/ Filip Mroz

Perhaps you felt like your life was stagnating the past two years, and you want to go all out now that borders have reopened. If you weren’t an adventurous spirit to begin with, attempting to be one may leave you feeling more overwhelmed than fulfilled. Instead, try out one new thing every month. It can be as small as possible, such as trying a new cuisine you’d never have thought to try before. This way, you’re taking baby steps to become adventurous. 

New Year’s Resolution #5: Instead of: “I will read more books in 2022.”

Try: “I will read ten new books in 2022.” 

Image: Unsplash/ Alexandra Fuller

If you see a pattern so far, it’s all about erasing vague resolutions and replacing them with quantifiable, easily achieved ones. Wanting to read ‘more’ books will be challenging to fulfil. If you set a fixed number, you’ll be more inclined to hit that goal and watch those numbers go up. A better idea to make this goal more achievable is to list all 10 books you would like to read within the year for added permanence. 

With 2021 finally behind us, we’re all looking forward to having a better and more normal 2022 ahead. Why not make it the best year with our best selves?