My skincare routine has come a long way since the early days when all I relied on was a cleanser and a toner as a teenager. Those days are far behind me. My current skincare routine includes a lot more than that – I have 3 beauty devices dedicated to my face now.

With age, hormones, and gravity doing their job on my face (thanks, I guess), I needed more help than ever in the skincare department. In my early 20s, I was introduced to the concept of beauty devices. 

What are beauty devices?

Beauty devices are tools – mostly electronic – that promise to help elevate your skincare routine to a more effective experience. 

From cleaning your face better to using microcurrents to help lift your face, numerous beauty devices on the market promise to target specific skincare concerns.

I was intrigued by the concept. Right now, I own a face-cleansing brush, a microcurrent device, and a LED device.

Are they worth it?

A common concern with beauty devices is how pricey they are, and it is a legitimate concern. While you can do your skincare without these devices, from my experience beauty devices elevate the skincare experience and the effects of your skincare products.

It is all a matter of preference. Personally, I do like the addition of beauty devices into my skincare routine as they also feel relaxing at the same time. Here are some beauty devices to consider adding to your cabinet: 

  1. Face-cleansing brush


Even if your skincare routine is simple, cleansing your face is still an important step no one should miss out on. It is not a matter of beauty at this point – it is a matter of hygiene.

One of the more popular face-cleansing brushes on the market is FOREO’s LUNA 3.

Using T-sonic pulsations, the LUNA 3 helps your face cleanser get deep into your pores and remove dirt and stubborn makeup. You can also use the back of the LUNA 3 to do face massage treatments with your essences, lotions, and serums with massage treatments available on the FOREO app. 

  1. Face steamer

Panasonic Facial Steamer


Face steamers are frequently used at spas. Benefits of steaming include opening your pores, promoting blood circulation, and hydrating skin.

If you work in an air-conditioned room daily, the Panasonic facial steamer would be a great addition to your beauty cabinet or even your work desk.

With this, you can get a few minutes of warm nano-sized ionic steam gently blowing into your face. Whether you are using it in the morning before putting on your makeup or for a quick relaxing break from work, the steamer will keep your face hydrated throughout the day.

  1. Cryo facial tools

Skin Gym Cryocicles Facial Ice Globes


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In addition to heat, cryotherapy – literally meaning “cold therapy” – is also frequently used in the beauty industry. Cryotherapy facials involve pumping liquid nitrogen on the face area and is said to give a youthful glow to tired or dull-looking skin.

Now, liquid nitrogen is dangerous if one is not trained to handle it. However, home-based beauty aficionados can still utilize the cold for their own skincare routine. For example, you can rub ice cubes on your face. Alternatively, you can get Skin Gym’s Cryocicles Facial Ice Globes so that water does not run down your face while using them. 

Made of artisanal glass containing cold liquid, you can put them in the freezer for a few minutes before using them. Simply roll them across your face to help wake up tired skin or place them on targeted areas to help get rid of any puffiness.

  1. Face-toning microcurrent device

NuFace Trinity/ FOREO Bear/ ReFa Carat



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The fight against gravity becomes more intense as we grow older. To combat sagging jawlines and give a much-needed boost to our face, there are a multitude of handheld microcurrent devices – both manual and electronic – available in the market.



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The ReFa Carat, for example, is a facial roller that has a solar panel embedded into the handle to convert light into a microcurrent while in use. Otherwise, electronically charged microcurrent devices like NuFace’s Trinity or FOREO’s Bear can also help lift the face. 


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Microcurrents help tighten the face muscles to improve face contour, stimulating your face into a natural lift. It is basically a tiny workout for your face. One of the added bonuses of microcurrent facials is that it can even help reduce wrinkles. 

  1. LED light therapy device

Skin Inc Optmizer Voyage Tri-light++ USB 


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LED light therapy facials have grown in popularity. By using wavelengths of different-coloured lights, it helps address different skincare concerns. For example, blue LED lights have shown to help improve acne-prone skin. 

Skin Inc’s Optimizer Voyage Tri-light++ USB device is used directly after applying a serum or mask on the face. A 10-minute LED session will then commence, stimulating the cells. This device helps to infuse the ingredients of the serum/ mask with even more efficacy than just putting serum on the face and calling it a day.