In another case of Gen-Z kids finding fault with millennials, it seems that skinny jeans are now cancelled. But unlike some older millennials who can’t seem to say goodbye to their skinny jeans and side hair parting, I’m fully ready to donate mine to the nearest recycling shelter.

For years, I’ve struggled to find the “perfect” pair of skinny jeans. The reality of having a wider hip-to-waist ratio means that most skinny jeans either can’t go up past my hips, or they sit too loosely on my waist. Gain just a little bit of weight and you’ll find your skinny jeans too tight, threatening to cut off your blood circulation. Also, try peeling off your skinny jeans on a hot day — it’s no fun.

So imagine my delight to find that skinny jeans have officially been cancelled and we can now move on to more comfortable versions of pants: wide-legged ones. Sweatpants may have been the staple when we were all under lockdown, but let’s keep those at home for now and let me convince you why you should say goodbye to skinny jeans: 


They’re too tight.

Image: Jen Jean Pierre

Have you ever worn tight clothes on a hot day out? Did you also notice that you were more irritable? I know I’m prone to annoyance more easily when my clothes are tight, uncomfortable, and my skin is struggling to breathe in the heat. That’s what skinny jeans do to you. Wide-legged pants, on the other hand, are nice and comfortable with adequate airflow. 


I can’t transition from sweat pants to skinny jeans anymore.

Image: Pretty Little Thing

Let’s be real: nobody has been wearing skinny jeans especially during the pandemic lockdown. If not shorts, sweat pants have definitely been more of my wardrobe staple during the pandemic than skinny jeans. Can I transition from wearing these comfortable pants for more than a year to jumping into my skinny jeans again? I think not. 


They’re not as forgiving on less-fit bodies.

Gain one kilogram and I can guarantee that your perfectly-fitted skinny jeans won’t fit you anymore. The harsh reality is that skinny jeans were never made for non-skinny people. Not only does it do nothing for our body image issues, but it also accentuates extra rolls you never even knew you had. With most of us gaining weight over the pandemic, these jeans aren’t what we need anymore. 


They haven’t actually been trendy for a while now.


Despite how much of a wardrobe staple they are – or were – skinny pants haven’t been making the runway in many years now. You might have noticed brands like Gucci championing 70s fashion, which has nary a skinny jean in sight. Even cool girl brands like Celine are dropping skinny pants — why aren’t you?


Have you seen how slouchy-cool wide-legged trousers look?

Images: HypeBae, ELLE

Take it from the likes of Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid to see how they’ve been rocking wide-legged pants. If you thought baggy pants are frumpy, these two will prove you wrong. Paired with an oversized structured blazer, the entire ensemble actually looks quite put-together.