When I had my eyebrow microblading session and saw the results, the first thing I wish I knew before I did it was that I should have done it sooner.

Genetically, I am blessed with wispy, barely-there eyebrows. If eyes are the window to the soul, then eyelashes and eyebrows must be the curtains. My curtains, sadly, did not provide much support. I spent hours drawing on eyebrows and poking myself in the eyes with mascara wands for years.

I had been contemplating getting my eyebrows done for years, but a multitude of reasons stopped me. It ranged from being afraid of pain to being overwhelmed by the choices available for shaping eyebrows i.e. threading, embroidery, microblading, microshading, feathering, etc. The main reason stopping me, though, was financial.

Still, one fine day, I took the plunge and went for microblading. My verdict? I would do it again. Here are the results:

If you are considering eyebrow-shaping options, here are eight things to know before you try microblading:

  1. Do not cheap out on your service

There are a multitude of eyebrow services available at differing prices. However, if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Microblading involves using tiny needles to pierce the outer layer of the skin and add semi-permanent pigment to the skin. A general rule of thumb is that if the price sounds too good to be true, you may want to investigate the hygiene practices and experiences of the esthetician. The quality of the pigments is also called into question.

While my microblading session was on the expensive side, I had peace of mind knowing that my esthetician was licensed, had a lot of experience, and was using good quality pigment that would not turn a strange colour after a few days or months. 

In fact, my esthetician said that she had clients who tried to use cheaper alternatives for their eyebrow services before meeting her. Then, they had to fork out even more money to fix wonky brows or brows that had turned red or green in colour due to questionable pigments.

These are your eyebrows and there are needles going into your skin, so you would want the best and cleanest service your money can buy you.

Image: Pexels/ Jean M Samedi

2. Do your Internet research and read reviews thoroughly

Google is your best friend in many scenarios. Looking for the best place to get your eyebrows done is such a scenario. Research the best-reviewed estheticians in your area, and if they have good reviews and a waiting list, you would probably be in good hands if you decide to engage their services.

I went to my aesthetician because a friend recommended her, but I also Googled her salon and read multiple reviews from others before deciding to entrust my eyebrows to her.


3. Discuss with your eyebrow esthetician the exact shape and look you want for your brows

You can show your esthetician the eyebrows you want to have. However, a great eyebrow esthetician will be able to suggest the best possible eyebrow shape and colour for your face. 

Similarly, a good esthetician will draw the shape on your face to get your opinion before going ahead with the microblading, to make sure you really want it. Be wary if your esthetician is just going along with what you want, which may not be the best for your face.  

Image: Pexels/ Pixabay

4. Do not overthink the pain factor; but ask for more numbing cream if you need

I thought microblading was going to be painful before I went for my session. After all, beauty is pain.

While the pain factor differs from person to person, for me I felt no pain at all. My esthetician made sure to use numbing cream before using the micro-needles on my face. She also kept checking on me to make sure that I was feeling comfortable, and the entire session was a pleasant experience.


5. Be careful about the dos and don’ts of post-microblading eyebrow care

When you have paid so much for your eyebrow services, it is important to be disciplined after your session. For example, when it starts scabbing, do not scratch it no matter how tempted you are. Think of the money you paid to get that done.

6. It does not last forever, so go for your touch ups 

Finally, as the pigment is only semi-permanent, it lasts about one to two years at most. If you want your brows to continue looking good – and not spend so much time drawing on your eyebrows – make sure to schedule your touch ups with your esthetician. 

Which reminds me, it’s time I do that too.