Lockdown restrictions are easing and we’re starting to go out again. Some of us are jumping straight back into the social scene eyes wide shut, while others are a little warier about heading out. 

But what both parties have in common is the reluctance to change out of comfortable loungewear.

It makes sense — after a year of being in lockdown and only wearing comfortable home clothes, it’s hard to transition out of it. Suddenly, stylish clothes are too restrictive and uncomfortable. 

Luckily, I’ve got some tips on how you can make loungewear look stylish outside of your home. 

Innerwear as outside wear 

Images: Styleoholic, Fashionista

Wearing lingerie outside was a thing several years ago, and it’s time to bring the trend back. 

It’s all about matching with the appropriate pieces to make it look less risqué. For example, you can match your silky slip dresses – as long as they’re not see-through – with an oversized blazer or cardigan. It’s outside-appropriate, comfortable, and easy. 

The same can be done for your silk camisoles. They look extra stylish when paired with wide-legged pants or fitted skirts, and can even work for the office if you throw on a blazer. 

Make sweatpants work

Image: Marie Claire

Can you wear sweatpants to the office? I say yes, but with a caveat. Keep your older, rattier sweatpants at home and wear the structured ones outside. 

I’m referring to sweatpants tailored with sturdier materials, such as neoprene. Choose the ones in a single tone in basic neutral colours such as black, dark navy, grey, or white. Single-toned sweatpants tend to look more formal than printed ones and can pass off as work pants. 

Pick a top of your choice – it can even be a silk camisole – and put on a blazer. Do you see a trend here? Blazers are the easiest way to instantly dress up an outfit and make it work-appropriate. 

Oversized T-shirts at home and outside

Image: Instagram/ @riccipamintuan

If you, like me, love lounging around at home in an oversized T-shirt and nothing else, you’re my kind of gal. You can bring the same look outside — just throw on some pants. 

Oversized T-shirts are extremely chic when tucked into baggy jeans or wide-legged pants. If your oversized T-shirt can pass as a mid-length dress, you might not even need the pants. Just throw on, yes, a blazer, and you’re good to go. Not keen on a blazer? Try a vest – both tailored and knitted variants work perfectly well. 

Matching sets


You’ve probably seen the sweater-and-sweatpants or sweater-and-shorts matching sets. This season, there are matching jackets and skirt sets too. They look super chic when worn at home and I have some good news for you: They look equally as good when worn outdoors. 

Matching sets have established themselves as a cool trend, fusing loungewear and athleisure styles. It probably helps that models and influencers are constantly seen in them. So go ahead, mix and match comfy pieces with your structured, more formal ones and no one would ever know you almost rolled out of bed and headed out.