Move over international beauty brands, it is time for Southeast Asia to shine! We’re no longer only looking to the West or even to Northeast Asia for our skincare, makeup and other beauty products because we have some of our favourites right here in the region.

Here’s a list of our top picks for Southeast Asian beauty brands that we love (and you should try if you haven’t already)!

1. Muka & Co (Malaysia)

What we love about Muka&Co is their Tint Glo serum that contains non-comedogenic oils for their skincare and make up which helps balance out our skin’s natural protective oils. That’s good news for those prone to acne and breakouts. The chemical and cruelty-free moisturiser is lightweight and has a glowy matte finish too, perfect for our humid climate!

Must-try: Tint Glo Serum (Comes in a new sustainable sugarcane tube packaging)

2. dUCk Cosmetics (Malaysia)

Founded by Vivy Yusof in 2017, it is a halal-certified cosmetics line that is fast gaining popularity on an international level. It is the first Malaysian brand to be sold in Sephora and even released a makeup line for the movie Crazy Rich Asians! It has a wide range of makeup products and its bright, vivid colours are perfect in bringing out your bold, playful side.

Must-try: Rise of the Duck Eyeshadow Palette

3. Allies of Skin (Singapore)

Pricey but effective – this premium brand of skincare is known for its minimalist look and amazing functionality – supporting your skin’s health to repair, regenerate and reset itself. Its clean, clinically-proven products are also cruelty-free and hypoallergenic. You can even take an online quiz on their website to find the best products for your skin.

Must-try: Promise Keeper Blemish Sleeping Facial

4. Porcelain (Singapore)

Another awesome skincare brand, which has also been nominated as one of Tatler’s Best of Singapore 2020 is Porcelain. Its skincare product philosophy is all about correcting, not concealing. What we love about their products is that they are tailored to suit our skin needs in this hot and tropical Southeast Asian climate.

Must-try: Soothe Hydro Cleanser

5. Rosé All Day (Indonesia)

Paraben-free and cruelty-free, this rose-coloured inspired range of makeup and skincare products is a hit in Indonesia. It is perfect for the “no makeup” makeup look to enhance your everyday, natural beauty with a fresh, bronzed and glowy feel.

Must-try: The Realest Lightweight Compact Powder in Medium

6. Rollover Reaction (Indonesia)

Rollover Reaction Is famous for its Lip & Cheek Cream collection. First launched in 2016, this Indonesian beauty brand has become an instant hit among local beauty influencers and features a wide range of shades from nudes to bolder colours.

Must-try: Gemma Glazed! Liquid Eyetint

7. Sunnies Face (Philippines)


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Sunnies Face is all about being effortlessly beautiful and it’s famous for its Fluffmatte lipstick. Heck, even celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Rosie Huntington seem to be wearing it. Its creamy matte lipstick feels good and looks even better.

Must-try: Fluffmatte

8. Harnn (Thailand)


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An iconic organic skincare brand from Thailand, Harnn uses only natural ingredients from Asia that is sure to feel like a luxurious treat for your skin and smells just as good.

Must-try: HARNN Jasmine & Pomegranate Hand Cream

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Have you tried any of these brands out? Or do you have some regional beauty brands to share? Drop us a DM on Facebook or on our Instagram!