If you’re seeking the perfect film to get your creep on, look no further. These seven underrated Netflix horror movies will do just that for you. They’re future horror classics, running the gamut from fun slasher, to insidious occult, and scary haunted houses. And best of all, some of them pack a powerful message underneath the gore and the goosebumps! 

His House (2020)

After relocating to a small English town, a refugee couple from South Sudan begins to experience an evil entity in their house. But this isn’t another Amityville story. His House is one of the horror movies which subtly layers in criticisms of immigration and explores the struggle of assimilation and the less often explored guilt of surviving a war for an overall chilling but impactful watch.

Hush (2016)

A deaf-mute writer living alone in the woods becomes the target of a psychotic masked killer. Despite the odds stacked against her, he learns very quickly that she is not an easy prey. With both killer and would-be victim intelligently outwitting each other at every turn, be prepared to chew off your nails in this incredibly tense home invasion horror and pump your fist for the inevitable showdown

Satan’s Slaves (2017)


This loose-prequel remake of the 1980 film of the same name is updated with a stronger female lead, a deeper plot involving the occult, and some incredibly atmospheric terror. Directed by Joko Anwar, the Indonesian maestro of horror, you’ll be promised a horrifying tale. The movie begins with the passing of the ill matriarch of a family. Her death unlocks a terrifying family secret that spans generations and will require much more than luck to overcome. 


The Babysitter (2017)

Halloween horror movies wouldn’t be the same without the laugh-out-loud gore fest. And in this one, is a tale of a kid discovering his hot babysitter is a cold-blooded killer. He has a target on his back, and there is so much bite and bloodiness in the thrills that this movie delivers. There’s also a worthy sequel, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, that makes for the perfect gruesome-but-so-incredibly-fun marathon movie session. 


Veronica (2017)

This Spanish supernatural horror movie is loosely based on real life events. It features a girl who mysteriously died after using an ouija board. It went viral on Buzzfeed for being so scary it was near unwatchable and I’m happy to report the film buzz was warranted. As you watch Veronica spiral down haunted land, strap in for horror that gets under your skin.


Villa Nabila (2015)


Based on one of the top 5 most haunted places in Malaysia, this horror movie is a curious but chilling watch. The first half plays out in a documentary format. It tells the story of a filmmaker who attempts to explore the mystery of missing children who entered an abandoned mansion. The second half is the fictional story of a construction crew who has the hellish task of demolishing the mansion. The lines blur so effectively you don’t always know what is fact and fiction. We found out that the mansion still stands abandoned in Johor until today. That’s enough to give us goosebumps in real life!


Vampires vs The Bronx (2020)

This Netflix horror movie has been described as a Bronx version of Stranger Things, but with vampires instead of aliens, and that’s not a bad thing at all. At its core is a fun film about a group of young boys defending their beloved neighbourhood from creepy vampires. And yes, these aren’t the Cullens, but wrinkled old-school Nosferatus. But it’s also a film about gentrification and the power of community packed in an incredibly delightful watch.