You need period panties in your life — period. If you haven’t already discovered the joy of freedom in wearing period panties during your menstrual cycle, you absolutely must. 

As a concept, period panties are a wild one — simply imagine your underwear acting as a sanitary pad and absorbing all the blood with no leakage.


How does it work?

Period panties are not constructed like your regular underwear. They’re designed with an additional absorbent layer that soaks up the blood and prevents leakages. They’re also sanitary and designed using anti-microbial and moisture-wicking fabric to prevent odours, so you won’t have to worry about smelling bad. 

This also means that period panties are washable and reusable, adding to the environmentally good factor. If you’re still hesitant about wearing period panties on their own though, fret not. They’re a great accompaniment alongside other sanitary products as an extra layer of protection.

If you need more convincing, here’s why you should give period panties a try.


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Introducing…period-proof activewear

While period panties have been around for a while, a new trend that’s gaining momentum is period-proof activewear. There’s nothing worse than blood leaking through your skintight activewear, so why not kill two birds with one stone and invest in period-proof activewear? Even big guns like Adidas have recently introduced their latest Stay in Play period-proof leggings to encourage exercising even while you’re on your period. 

The period industry is revolutionising period products. It’s time you hopped onto that bandwagon and transition from regular sanitary pads and tampons to something more comfortable, better for the environment, and better for your wallet in the long run. 

Below, we recommend some of the most popular period panties and period-proof activewear you can shop for today. 


Period Panties


  1. Libresse Intimawear

Sanitary brand Libresse recently introduced their period underwear that’s said to be able to last up to eight hours with a fast absorption rate. It’s designed with a built-in absorbent gusset that will soak up everything with no leakage. Good for light to medium flows. 


  1. Summer & Peach PMS Leakproof Panties

Period panties don’t always have to look hardy and basic. If you want something pretty and lacy, head over to Summer & Peach to try their lace PMS Leakproof Panties for medium absorbency. 


  1. Thinx


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You can’t talk about period panties without mentioning the original and most popular brand, Thinx. They revolutionised the world with their period panties, and now they’re available in a myriad of designs and colours. From the classic, original period panties to their new Thinx Air featuring an ultra-thin, cooling micromesh fabric, the choices are endless. 

Thinx also has period-proof apparel, including sleep shorts and period-proof activewear spanning leggings, exercise shorts, and leotards. 


  1. Xixili Leak Proof Clean Guard Sanitary Panty

Featuring a comfortable, boy-shorts design, Xixili’s period panties come in a basic design in two reliable colours: black and nude. While these are not designed to be worn on their own to absorb blood, they’re able to protect against leakage when you’re wearing other sanitary products. 


Period-Proof Activewear


  1. Adidas Stay in Play tights


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Adidas has ventured into period products with its Stay in Play line that comprises a pair of 7/8 tights and biker short tights. The design has a set of absorbent layers with a leakproof membrane called Flow Shield. There’s a discreet protective layer built into the tights, so you’re always secure. 


  1. Ruby Love Period Activewear


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Alongside an extensive line of period panties, Ruby Love also has a period activewear range comprising leggings and very chic period bodysuits. The brand’s activewear also contains their patented leak-proof technology. You can rest easy and put on chic period bodysuits to carry you from work and into the gym. 


  1. Modibodi Activewear


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Modibodi is also one of the popular period underwear brands that have branched out to include activewear like leggings and also swimwear. Their leggings are made for moderate to heavy flows. It also is coupled with the brand’s 3mm Modifier Technology lining which is super absorbent, stain-, odour-, and bacteria-resistant.