If you are the owner of a pair of boobs, congratulations, because boobs are fantastic! Just as how your face has its own skincare routine, your chest and breasts also deserve a lot of love and proper care to keep thriving and looking great way into the future. Don’t just look after your face and neglect your chest and boobs.

Here are 6 things to do and products to buy to keep your breasts happy for the long-term: 

  1. Anese’s Calm Your Tits Boob Mask

Just like other skin areas, your boobs can get stretch marks and acne. To keep your boobs soft and looking great, Anese’s Calm Your Tits boob mask is the answer. 

Made from green tea and honey and enriched with collagen, the mask moisturises cracked nipples, protects your boobs from fine lines, and keeps acne away. Just apply a thin layer to your boobs and nipples 2 – 3 times a week for good results, and your boobs will be soft and calm.

Retails for US$35 per bottle on the Anese website and can be gotten here.

  1. Nuni’s Boob Oil – Daily Breast Care Elixir

Breast health is really important. Did you know that breast cancer is the world’s most prevalent cancer, with 2.3 million women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020? I

Nuni’s boob oil is formulated to encourage breast health, encouraging you to apply the oil daily to your boobs to help enhance breast appearance, promote circulation in the breasts, and flush toxins.

Made from plant and flower oils, this nourishing serum is fast-absorbing and will let your girls feel smoother and hydrated.

Retails for AU$49.90 on the Nuni website and can be gotten here.

  1. Do a thorough monthly self-breast examination 


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It’s important to check your boobs thoroughly at least on a monthly basis to watch out for sudden lumps or changes that may have occurred.

Try doing it 2-3 days after your period ends. Raise your arm and check your armpit and breast – you can also use boob oil like Nuni’s while doing this to feel less uncomfortable from the friction if you need to. 

Check in using your fingers in up-and-down motions, and also circular motions. Use a mirror to help you check if there are any visible lumps, a change in skin colour or texture in the nipple or the surrounding tissue. 

Contact a breast care specialist immediately if you spot anything that worries you. The earlier you detect that something is amiss, the better.

  1. Mama Mio’s Pregnancy Boob Tube Cream

Pregnant women know how sore breasts can get as your hormones change drastically, especially when chafing against skin. 

Mama Mio’s Pregnancy Boob Tube cream is omega-rich and helps to sooth soreness and ease breast tension by hydrating the breast skin area. Made with aloe vera and Vitamin E, your boobs will be happy with the extra help to keep them feeling soft and smooth.

Retails for USD$35 on the Mio website and can be gotten here.

  1. Thisworks’ Perfect Cleavage Firming Lotion


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It is the dream of all boob owners that their breasts remain firm and perky for a long time. Well, at least in my case, I have not met a woman whose dream is that their breasts fall to gravity faster.

For those who want a lift for our boobs even without the help of push-up bras, Thisworks’ Perfect Cleavage Firming Lotion delivers lifting action by stimulating cellular renewal for a tightening effect.

Its ingredients include algae, extracts of larch, comfrey root, rose essence, and vitamin C. Along with the firming result, this lotion will help even skin tone as well. 

Retails for USD$70 on the Skinstore website and can be gotten here:

6. Invest in good bras

If you are going to wear a bra for half the day, you should wear a comfortable one that is right for your size. Another thing to note is that your breast size can change depending on your hormones and weight, so make sure to always measure your chest before you buy a bra.

A good bra should fit all around your chest area, where the cups have settled on your breasts and the elastic around your chest should not be too tight or too loose. It should not pinch you either.

Bras can last anywhere from half a year to a year, so it is important to get the right one for yourself if you are going to wear them for that long. Your boobs will thank you for not torturing them further.