In love with online thrift shops and thrifted clothing? We’ll raise you one with this new category of clothing: vintage lingerie pieces. 

We previously preached the perks of slow fashion and shopping for vintage, thrifted clothes. Sparked by Gen Z-ers on TikTok, repurposing clothes and shopping for thrifted clothes were an entire movement designed to rain on the fast fashion parade. Little did we know that the movement for vintage lingerie was equally as strong. 

In the past year, we’ve seen an increase in local, Instagram-based and online thrift shops promoting specially-curated vintage lingerie. Before you go: “Ew, secondhand lingerie? I could never.” — hear us out. The stigma behind thrifted clothes were also the same, with some people shunning the fact that they had been previously worn. However, if the condition is stellar and its previous owner cared for it well, there’s no reason why it can’t be given a new life with a new owner. 

Vintage lingerie is all the rage on online thrift shops. Image: Unsplash/ Mathilde Langevin


The same can be said for vintage lingerie — there’s a certain romanticism about corsets, nightgowns, and armoires that have been lovingly cared for. Not to mention, some of these vintage designs can never be found again in today’s fast-paced fashion world. 

Whether it’s for a sexy night in, self-care, or to layer with your outside clothes, these vintage lingerie pieces are extremely versatile in how you can wear them. If you’re lacking in style ideas, we have some ways that you can style your vintage silk camis and corsets. Check out these online thrift shops that sell affordable, stunning vintage lingerie.

  1. Violette Wears

We especially love how romantic the curated pieces are, ranging from silk slips to camisoles, corsets, and armoires. If you’re lucky, you might even come across some vintage designer lingerie pieces, such as this one from Christian Dior. Violette Wears ships to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. 


  1. Thrifitts


Over at Thrifitts, you’ll find perhaps the largest array of vintage lingerie available. The owner updates several times a week with varied pieces from bralettes to intricate bras, satin robes, nightgowns, corsets, and more. Thrifitts only ships within Malaysia at the moment. 


  1. Recherché


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Dreamy silk and satin pieces are among the pieces you can find within Recherche’s virtual wardrobe. We’ve seen delicate silk slips, pyjama tops, and robes available. At the moment, the owner also has her personal preloved wardrobe listed — check out the #availablerecherche hashtag to see what’s still available. Recherche ships to Malaysia and Singapore. 


  1. The Preloved Babe 

Cute floral lingerie pieces, elegant lacy items — these are among the vintage lingerie that you can find at The Preloved Babe. Handpicked by the owner, you may also occasionally find vintage petticoats and silk shorts. Most pieces sell out quickly, so be sure to turn on notifications for new posts and comment as soon as possible to purchase! The Preloved Babe only ships within Malaysia at the moment. 


  1. Classy Rat Clothing

We love the curated vintage lingerie pieces that the Classy Rat Clothing people have in store, and it looks like everyone else does as well! Items in the shop are sold as soon as it goes on sale, so turn on your notifications and always be in the know for when the next launch is. Our favourite collection thus far has been the pastel corsets series — too gorgeous. Classy Rat Clothing ships worldwide. 


  1. Fafa Vintage Thrift

Another vintage lingerie shop worth checking out is Fafa Vintage Thrift, which stocks gorgeous, dreamy silk shorts, camisoles, corsets, and more. Check out what’s still available from the #fafagooddeal hashtag. Like all the other vintage lingerie shops, you’ll only get one piece per design — it’s definitely going to be one of a kind. Fafa Vintage Thrift ships worldwide.